Hi – My name is Megan Soske. I am an Integrated Movement Specialist, and I incorporate several modalities to help clients re-discover movement abilities lost after a life time developing patterns and habits.

By “re-winding the clock,” my clients and I find ways to reduce or eliminate pain, or improve their sports performance.   My clients come from all walks of life, and all ages – from teenagers through nonagenarians (90s) – those looking for therapeutic improvements to fitness exercise. What do they have in common? A desire to be able to move better and live life to the fullest.

I am a Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor (PMA certified), a certified GYROTONIC® Instructor, and a CoreAlign and Anatomy in Motion practitioner (feet and gait). I have also been heavily influenced by the work of Eric Franklin and several osteopaths. From these practitioners I’ve learned about the deeper, natural bone and organ rhythms which greatly impact movement, as well as movement sequences that can help change them.

My journey began in 2005, when I discovered Pilates and began to understand that our bodies can heal themselves when able to find their natural movement patterns. After more than 25 years sitting at a desk as an art historian and then a business executive, my body was uncooperative!  I have been a competitive equestrian my entire life, and in my mid 40s, I found I could no longer ride as I always had. Tight and unbalanced muscles inhibited my performance and health.

With the healing I achieved primarily through Pilates and GYROTONIC® practice, I regained lost movement and even began to compete at new levels.  My personal transformation was so extensive that I became an instructor, and changed my career and life. The understanding I achieved through overcoming my own musculature and posture challenges is one of my greatest assets when teaching others.

Along the way, I have continually sought to expand my understanding of how our bodies function. So while I teach Pilates and GYROTONIC® sessions, I often blend modalities for the best therapeutic effect.

I am comprehensively certified by Balanced Body University (BBU) in Pilates Mat and Apparatus, and as a Master Trainer I teach now instructors how to teach Pilates. My own Pilates and CoreAlign training was with Tom McCook, of BBU and the Physical Mind Institute. My GYROTONIC® training was with Donna Place, of Long Beach, Nora Heiber, Grass Valley, and Sebastian Plattenburg, New York. I also worked with Gary Ward to become an Anatomy in Motion practioner. And through out all these years I have had the pleasure of working along side of; inspired by; and mentored by Wahida Sharman of EPY Center, Sacramento.

As an equestrian, I have competed and coached others in western (reining), equitation, combined training (Preliminary level) and dressage (FEI Prix St. George).