Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion focuses on the big picture – how is our body able to stand and walk in gravity.

With every step we take, every joint in our body needs to move, and to move on three different planes (Sagital, Frontal, and Transverse). If any of these joint movements are impacted by injury, life time habits or what we were born with, the whole system will adapt to stand and walk in gravity. This can result in impairment or pain anywhere in the body.

An assessment of what’s “missing” in your gait, will allow us to create a map of your movement patterns. By returning missing movements to your  body, we can change how the entire structure functions.

If every joint moves with every step, then if any of the 26 bones in the feet are impaired it can create issues all the way up to the skull. So we often have to help the feet regain better function and the rest of the body can follow.

Anatomy in Motion provides a context for all my other methods.

Sessions solely focused on Anatomy in motion mightinclude an Assessment, Foot mobilization and use of wedges, Movement sequences (not exercises).