Integrative Movement

Integrative Movement for Wellness

That’s a bold premise, but one that has worked for many of my clients. It is rarely one approach that solves the puzzle of how and why our body moves. So while Yoga might work for some, Pilates or GYROTONIC® might be exactly what someone else needs. Finding the practitioner and practice that suits your needs is the key.

My goal is to help you bring your body into alignment and create an environment in which healthy movement can flourish. For some this will be exercise and prevention, and for others it will be the healing of more immediate issues. As healthy movement is fostered, the body can rejuvenate. This can be a slow or a fast process.

Through my approach to new clients, we create a map of your  moving body and look to the journey your body takes standing and through the gait cycle. With every step we take, we’re moving well or with limitations.

During all movement, the joints, ligaments and muscles in your body have a role to play and everything is dependent on all other parts being capable of doing their job optimally. When your body reduces movement to protect something, say due to previous injury, it exposes other areas which can become at risk – this may or may not be at the site of pain or discomfort.